Hi, I am Chandni Agarwal, M.Phil in Computer Science and currently working as Post Graduate Teacher at Maharaja Agrasen Model School. I started my career as a Computer Programmer in the year 1990. I hold a position of being the topper of GNIIT batch, 1992. In 2000, I decided to shift my profession from being a computer programmer to a Computer Science Teacher. This decision was a life changing step as I wanted to serve the society and contribute towards mankind. Being a teacher gives me a power to change the dimensions for viewing the world. I have been in this profession for 15+ years and working with dedication to bring a change and create a history.
ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is my passion and I love experimenting on it. ICT has opened the doors of e- learning and exploring new ways for the generations. I got the opportunity to participate in MIELA (Microsoft Innovative Education Leadership Awards) organised by Microsoft, held at Delhi. I presented a project on “Future Classrooms” - Blended with BYOD and 21st Century Learner Skills using QR CODES.
I have been recognized as the second runner up in the competition and have been listed under top 15 educators of India. I help my peer in learning ICT usage and maximise it in their teaching-learning process in the form of automatic tests, blogs, wikis etc. Presently, I am working on Andriod App Development, Cyber Safety Awareness campaign, using open source software to engage students in creating different applications. I feel very honored and humbled to visit USA in the year 2014 with my two students Arjit Kansal and Shashank Batra as their mentor to compete at world level. Arjit Kansal won the title of World champion and Shashank Batra won the position of First runner up. Both students made country proud by winning the title of worldwide champions.
I am a passionate learner who, believe in collaboration, sharing and learning. My field is a dynamic field, where every day brings a new resource. I have used social media, cloud storage and whatsapp in a very innovative way to collaborate with peers and students. My mission is to inculcate ICT in education and daily usage for each individual.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through Magic; it takes sweat, determination, hardwork.”
Peter Parker

Passion and dedication works together to bring about a change and create an environment that propels education and plays an important role in development. It not only gives satisfaction as a guide but leads to a long lasting relationship between a teacher and a student. A teacher creates an effective learning environment and increase learning potential of students by their ability to mould their minds and developing their interest for the subject. Passion leads to creativity; therefore, passionate teachers have the ability to think and produce new notions in an easy an evocative way. Teachers are committed and dedicated to their schools and a good education achievement is an outcome of this commitment and dedication.

  • Youtube Channel for CS Resources
  • Developed an Android App primarily to safeguard youth from Cyber hazards, available on Google play store for free and to make the society aware of cyber threats, ethics and safety techniques with the title “Cyber Security Guide”. This app is possibly the first app that provide free consultation of renowned cyber experts Mr. Rakshit Tandon and Mr. Kshitij Adhlakha to solve the issues that surface day in and day out. This app is created using open source technologies and Android Studio.
  • Teaching technology through technology by using visual programming tools such as Scratch, Alice, and Hour of code to develop computational thinking.
  • Innovative use of the QR (Quick Response) technique in my classroom teaching to save their time and paper. Also, the quick accessibility to the online link helps in recording useful links at a place.
  • Mentored students in developing a bootstrap powered website to provide computer science resources, accessible on mobile and desktop.
  • Technical used Google Drive to share resources with my students and a separate drive with 250+ teachers to collaborate and share resources. All the Computer science teachers on the portal are sharing resources for XI and XII in the form of practice papers, assignments etc. , contributing in question bank and online pages.
  • To be in association of all the Alumni, created a closed group on Facebook with the name IT Warriors. This group worked as a forum for computer science discussion.
  • Created page All about ICT to post about the latest technologies.