• Identify the key risks and vulnerabilities to children and young people in cyberspace.
  • Create awareness of the risks and issues through guidelines and case studies.
  • The UNIQUE FEATURE of the App is that it provides expert help and consultation to the victim or any individual for free by the famous Cyber Experts on panel Mr. Rakshit Tandon and Mr. Kshitij Adhlakha.
  • Share knowledge and experience about cyber world.
  • Initiative and aim to provide information, advice and safety tips for parents on child online protection.
  • It also provides guidelines for Businessmen and Kids.

This website is created for the class XI-XII Computer Science students, which will be provide them the solved problems, notes and practice papers. This is a bootstrap powered website where dynamic contents are added and it is an ongoing process.

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A research paper on QR Codes in Education A Study on Innovative Approach in Classroom Teaching, published in the Proceedings of the 7th National Conference at INDIACom-2013 Computing For Nation Development, held on 7th 8th March, 2013 at Bhartiya Vidyapeeth.

I have created three pages i.e. Computer Science , Scratch as a tool , Scratch tool for computational thinking, where I can con-tribute content and resources . It is indeed a good government initiative for collaboration and sharing resources.

I share my resources , videos or any other useful resource on my blog. www.chandniaggarwal.blogspot.in I have linked my other blogs on this main blog. Students can down-load the chapter wise notes and assignment. They can see the good lectures also.

I have attended a workshop at IIIT Delhi organized for Comput-er Science Teachers teaching XI-XII from all over the Delhi-NCR. The workshop held on 8th, 16th and 22nd August 2015 at IIIT Delhi campus as an initiative by Google and IIITD . The session was taken up by IIT professors and was very informative and se-lected school teachers as co-instructors. Mrs. Chandni Agarwal also conducted a ses-sion on Best Teaching Practices and File Handling on 16th August.